Les Canaux de la Mode is an international platform of network and co-creation, which connects conceptual Dutch fashion designers and French couture craftsmen on both creative and business levels.

Co-create, reflect and discuss

Les Canaux de la Mode provides fashion designers and craftsmen the opportunity to collaborate on new ways of connecting the mind, heart and hand. These collaborations result in unique artworks or prototypes, created by different combinations of craftsman-designer. Parallel to the co-creation programme, a business programme is organised. In this programme, workshops and symposia discuss industry related topics such as financing or intellectual property.

Inspiring exhibitions, intriguing symposia

Les Canaux de la Mode manifests itself every two years in a two-component event in both Amsterdam and Paris with an exhibition and symposia. The inspiring exhibition is accessible for a broad audience, displays the unique artworks and tells the story of the process of co-creation. The symposium discusses industry related topics with a professional audience. An additional catalogue gives in-depth information and imagery on the project, the participants and the process. The first edition was held in November 2008. The second edition will take place in Paris from the 5th to the 23rd of July 2011 and later on in Amsterdam in November 2011.

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