4 French Craftsmen

- Severina Lartigue : Créatrice Fleurs de Soie - Flower Maker

Flowers! The dreamy universe of SeverinaLartigue consists of delicate and precious flowers. She makes them from a wide range of materials – silk, cotton, tweed, leather, paper and even metal. Her excellent skills in the ancient craft of flower making gives her a unique position in the haute couture market, since this particular craft is slowly but surely disappearing. Worldwide, only a handful of studio’s are still producing silk flowers.


Severina started her company in 1998, after finishing an extensive training in flower making. She lives and works in Normandie.


- Laetitia Schlumberger : Corset Maker and Lingerie

Laetitia Schlumberger is a corset maker. After her graduation as a fashion stylist at the Parisian ESMOD, she started her career as a costume maker. She assisted corset maker Hubert Barrere and worked for various big couture houses and lingerie-brands.


Laetitia started her own company in 2004 and set up her own lingerie-brand named ‘Dement’ in 2006. ‘Dement’ was picked up by media across the globe and is a growing success-story. Laetitia teaches her corset techniques at fashion academies across Europe.


- Romuald Lamy : Jeweller

is a craftsman in the fine art of jewellery.
His earrings, colliers and rings are designed and produced by himself. Besides production under his own name, Lamy
also realises jewellery for big brands such as Cartier.
Lamy was educated at the Parisian Ecole Nicolas Flames where he graduated in 1997. His work is exhibited worldwide in a number of exhibitions. Lamy also teaches the craft of making jewellery.


- Vanessa Ruiz : Leather Skills

Her passion is Leather. After completing her studies at the Syndical Chamber School of Paris in Haute-Couture Flou, and her work in stage costumes making, Vanessa Ruiz decide to start a collection under her own name, whose link would be leather.


5 Dutch Fashion Designers


graduated in 1996 at ArtEZ institute of the arts in Arnhem and was part of the first generation of graduates of the fashionmaster Fashion Institute Arnhem. Together with Suleyman Demir he forms the design

duo OSCAR SULEYMAN. Their designs are sexy, elegant and refreshing and hit the runways at the international fashion weeks

in Paris may times. The clothes were sold internationally and exhibited in renown museums and galleries. The duo won many prizes like the Fur Innovation Award and the Prix Special in Hyeres.

Besides their own collections under their own label, Oscar and Suleyman are working for Victor&Rolf.

Under his own name OSCAR, Raaijmakers takes part in Les Canaux de la Mode.


- Jeroen Van Tuyl

After his graduation at ArtEZ institute for the arts in Arnhem in 1998, Jeroen van Tuyl (1971) started working on building his own label. He started a label with a partner, but went solo in 2000 when his own

menswear label JEROEN VAN TUYL was launched.

Van Tuyl’s style is easily recognised by the sharp forms and the mechanical approach of the male body. Inspiration comes from

architecture, mechanica, transformation and robots among many other things. His label is part of the official callender of the Paris men’s fashion week, in which he shows his new collection every season.

Jeroen van Tuyl is sold worldwide in a selection of high level shops.


- Monique Van Heist

names her collections after her own alter ego’s. Rony, Tina, Clive en Toni... they all come from the creative brain of Van Heist.

A story, a character sketch, is her starting point and forms the basis of her remakable and wearable womenswear collections.

Van Heist graduated at ArtEZ in Enschede and did her master at the

Fashion Institute Arnhem. Her clothes are practical, tough and elegant. One dress to wear to the supermarket and to a fancy

party: Van Heist blends both worlds so naturally in her garments. Monique shows her collections in many different forms:

in traditional catwalkshows (Amsterdam Fashion Week), but also in performances and exhibitions (Gemeentemuseum The

Hague). Her work is on show and on sale at Kiki Niesten in Maastricht, Beljon in Rotterdam and Humanoid in Arnhem.


- And Beyond

Their graduation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2005 was the start of a collaboration. They caught the

eyes of Holland with a life-sized knitted horse, which traveled past several exhibitions (i.e. the Gemeentemuseum The

Hague). With their collections, Hendrix and van den Broek tell stories. They result in fashion collections for both men

and women. And Beyond presents itself outside the usual presentation forms. In 2007 they present their collection “Blinded by the lights” in collaboration with a performance artist. A good move… since this presentation And Beyond’s graphic clothes, full of prints, are on sale at Coming Soon in Arnhem among other stores.


- Iniy Sanchez

is a fashion designer of womens clothes. The young and talented Sanchez van Oort just graduated at the Fashion institute Arnhem, where she did her master. Before that, she graduated cum laude at ArtEZ insitute of the arts in Arnhem. Iñiy gained experience at Alexander van Slobbe, where she worked on his label Orson + Bodil and for Puma. At the moment, Sanchez van Oort is working as a freelance designer based in Rotterdam.