Exhibition Amsterdam

Amsterdam - 17/11 to the 05/12 2011 at the Museum Van Loon

Les Canaux de la Mode introduces the artworks in an intriguing exhibition in the Museum Van Loon. Besides displaying the final results, the exhibition also concentrates on the proces of developping the artworks. The exhibition – designed by the Amsterdam-based And Beyond Studios – effortlessly blends the modern artworks in the 17th century decor of the Museum Van Loon.


Museum Van Loon

Keizersgracht 672

1017 ET Amsterdam


Opening hours:

11:00 - 17:00

Closed on Tuesdays


Co-creations – a series of unique artworks

After the first successful edition of Les Canaux de la Mode in 2008, a new group of designers and craftsmen have collaborated on creating beautiful artworks. The participating designers are Marga Weimans, Marloes Blaas and Melanie Rozema. The participating craftsmen are Jean-Pierre Baquère (glass), Severina Lartigue (silk flowers), Nicole Emilie Roca (paper) and Laetitia Schlumberger (corset). Challenged by language barrier, distance and different cultural backgrounds, they have started different collaborations.