Exhibition Paris

Paris - 05/07 to the 23/07 2011 in Les Ateliers de Paris


Les Canaux de la Mode 2011 will introduce the artworks during two intriguing exhibitions – one in Paris, one in Amsterdam.

The long process of creation is often eclipsed by the end result shown on the catwalk. However, these exhibits – thought and set up by the Amsterdam-based And Beyond Studios (www.andbeyond.nl) – will emphasise the fruits of hard work made by several hands and as many heart.

The exhibition will show both the process of co-creation and the final results and will make your fashion heart beat faster.


Three Dutch fashion designers teamed up with four French couture craftsmen during the past year to create undivided fashion garments as well as accessories.

The selected designers are: Marga Weimans, Marloes Blaas and Melanie Rozema.

The French couture craftsmen are: Jean-Pierre Baquère (glass), Severina Lartigue (silk flowers), Nicole Emilie Roca (paper) and Laetitia Schlumberger (corsets). 


The opening will take place on the 05/07/2011 from 17h30


Les Ateliers des Paris

30 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 Paris